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HICaves Project

Discovering cave life in Hawaii

Exploration of life in the world’s longest and most remote lava tubes


HICaves research was featured in the PBS Nature documentary “Living Volcanoes”.


Explore the creatures living in Hawaii’s lava tubes.

Our Team

Meet the researchers leading HiCaves exploration.

Why Hawaii?

  • The most remote island on Earth – over 3700 miles from the nearest mainland
  • The longest lava tubes on Earth – over 40 miles of connected tubes
  • Its alive- new lava tubes are created by the Kilauea volcano
Our Mission

Protecting Hawaii’s native cave life through discovery, research, and partnerships

The HiCaves team is finding new species to science. Once a new species is discovered and named we can work with conservation organizations like the Cave Conservancy of Hawaii, as well as county, state, and federal agencies to protect the caves where these animals live.

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Dr. Porter

Dr. Engel

Dr. Slay

Dr. Chong

Where We Work

HiCaves Project is focused on the “big” island of Hawaii